A few "new to VVVV" questions:

I have a couple of questions that may make some users groan, as they are fairly basic.

In VVVV is there a way to stop/play on the Direct X Viewer Window(s), or open and close them? Is the idea that these always have to run as one edits?

Is there a tool to render VVVV files offline?

…and that’s it for now. Thanks!


yes indeed, vvvv is run only!

but in case it makes your laptop too hot or your fans are always on, you can decrease the framerate with the MainLoop (VVVV) node.

for your other concern, read this site: faq-rendering#how-to-capture-the-output-of-a-renderer

you can effectively freeze a DirectX render window by setting its enabled pin to 0. Any animation will continue without being rendered unless you pause what ever is ‘driving’ the animation. Enabled again to ‘play’

Thanks for the thoughts.

So, I guess have to have something generating time, then start that from the top whenever I want to review what happens when you first start a program. That’s ok.

It’s really not so much about it being taxing on the computer or not, it’s about working preference; sometimes I would rather not manipulate a graph while something is rendering, if I’m not 100% sure about it not working…

xd_nitro’s suggestion seems to be an ok workaround, but the program is still running. Hmm.

Which brings up another question, is there an auto-crash save extension, to detect an application freeze and save the working file to a pre-determined location (desktop or whatever)?

The offline tools seem very centered around writing image sequence and then converting that to video. What would be interesting is to have an application that allows you to “drop in” a VVVV file, perhaps driven by a master file, and by setting fps, video codec, etc., it manipulates patch time to render straight to video. You could have options like brute force AA.

Is there a way to control window position by mouse or other keys?

Again, thanks for the time, and answers. I’m used to QC, running with heavy extensions/mods, and am trying to get more familiar with VVVV, because I’ve been curious about it for a long time.

helo toledo,

i have troubles understanding what you mean by

we consider it one of vvvvs main features to have it running all the time without the need to toggle between an edit/run mode or even edit/compile/run. hm or is it about starting/stopping what drives an animation? what about Timeliner (Animation)?

nope. there are ~.xml files next to the .v4p files which are simply the last save. and if vvvv fails to save (on ctrl+s) it creates ~temp files. we tend to implement features on a personal needed base. vvvv didn’t yet crash so much on us that we felt the need for such a feature. depending on your usage your results may vary…

this application is actually vvvv.exe. right, movie export is missing, but again it is too simple to render movies from a series of bitmaps with existing tools, we’ve not yet felt the need of directly implementing this into vvvv. also you could try the grande www.fraps.com

see Window (Windows), Keyboard (System Global) and Mouse (System Global) and their helppatches.


I see that this could be viewed as a feature, but some environments can do this (eg., running your animations while you edit the graph), but also allow you to stop rendering as an inherent part of the prototyping viewer window - like, if you just want to shut it off because you think it’s distracting. If a program is designed that faults on runtime, it can be opened and fixed before it crashes if the View window doesn’t just pop open automatically, or has some kind of over-ride.

Interesting take on movie export.

erm could be? it is the most lovely thing about vvvv which makes it more a design tool than a grey programming environment. instant satisfaction.

what you want is all there, you want to hide the animation because its distracting? :) just right-click the renderer node and the window will be hidden.

you want your animation to stop, just built in a button which stops whatever drives your animation. its that simple. maybe a sample&hold (s+h) comes in handy.

and regarding the crashes, you usually save only working patches, well you are only able to save while its running or am i wrong ? starting patches which crash are very very rare cases and can be fixed by editing the xml.

just one rule, don’t save in fullscreen mode, auto fullscreen on startup can result in funky hickups.