A couple questions regarding vvvv and midi

Hi there, im currently working on a brief for my interactive design course and think that vvvv is going to be a good bet for me to get a hand on graphical programming. The project is midi based and I have will no doubt have a few questions regarding this aspect.

1st off,

what are the midi capabilities of vvv? I have managed to get midi working and affecting a rendered visual by means of a note on/note off but is vvvv able to receive and use other midi signals such as velocity and aftertouch?


ai caro,

the velocity is actually the value that comes on the MidiNote (Devices) Output scaled from 0…127 down to 0…1. not sure about aftertouch, but have you tried? i could imagine that the velocity output simply changes then…

no I havent, unfortunately i dont have a midi instrument. Im currently just using midiox’s software keyboard that cant simulate aftertouch i dont think.

Im trying to make a visual of each note played on a midi guitar, but rather than just an on off of the notes id like the sustain and aftertouch to also effect the notes visualisation.

If you imagine a note being bent by a whammy bar on screen we might see a blurred circle growing and shrinking as its bent realtime. thats pretty close to what I want to achieve.

never tryed thouse, ussuall sending them out to the hardware ;]
as i remeber midi-ox helped me alot to solve that stuff
check out the attached patch as i remeber it were working
but midi nodes are really well, you have to do some specific manipulations to sort all out

Edirol-V4 (Devices MIDI).zip (15.4 kB)

Ok joreg i see what you mean with velocity. I increased the io advanced box out of my midinote node and I see that the velocity changes the output.

I usually make an IObox (Color) to see the midi values. Seeing a color change from black to grey to white is very effective to see which controller/note you are working with.

see the attached patch as an example


PS. When working with MIDI alway set the Buffer Length to 0 otherwise you will have quite large latency.

Feature request. could the default Buffer Length be set to 0 ?

SeeingMIDI.v4p (5.6 kB)

Thanks for all your help, I seem to have all my midi woes sorted now. It seems I misunderstood aftertouch and velocity alone should be all I need.