A couple of newbie questions

is there a quick an easy way to create a series of filenames using writer (it seems to begin at zero index every time it starts…is it possible for there to be a begin and end index…i was trying to build filenames but couldnt figure how to convert value to string…)

also i would like to superimpose text over a group
what is conversion object?

all help appreciated

hi, you might have a look into the WriterNRT module located in the modules folder, i think this patch does what you are looking for…

and can you explain a bit, what you mean by ‘superimpose text over a group’… ?

the Writer(EX9.TextureNRT).v4p module lead me to AsString which allowed me to build a file name prefix… so that works…

to clarify: “superimpose text over a group”

The current setup is

VideoTexture EX9 --> Quad DX9 --> Group EX9 --> Renderer EX9

How do I add Text into that group? It seems to output GDI format?

i really like little things in vvvv: today, learning that you can simply + strings, sweet and simple…
it’s always pleasant to learn a software whose solutions are simpler than your expectations…

hi jhave,

to get your texts from GDI to DX:

GDI.Renderer (lower right pin) -> GDITexture -> Group EX9 -> Renderer EX9

-to get DX to DirectShow you can take AsVideo-Node
-and for DirectShow to DX take EX9.VideoTexture-Node

If you want put one EX9.Renderer after the other use the EX9.Texture-Node between them.

With that you can switch the Renderers until your Pc will crash ;)

Ciao Frank

hi frank

yr replies helped

and thnsk for excellent suggestion on chaining renderers
i am gonna try it out when i get a chance

but the text appears with a black alpha 100 backgrnd
and even setting alphas to 0 does not help
any hints?

thnks again

yes, have a look with inspector to the texture node and select a format with alpha, also the size setting is important!

frank: what am I doing wrong?

this part works:
GDI.Renderer (lower right pin) -> GDITexture

GDITexture -> Group EX9
doesn’t seem to work


try: GDI.Renderer (lower right pin) -> GDITexture -> Quad -> Group EX9 -> Renderer EX9

thanks tonfilm!


I started with vvvv just some days ago. Now I’d like to see how the IOBox (color) works. I want to know, how to restrict the change of values to one mouse-axis like this IOBox does.

But yet I couldn’t figure out, how to have a look at what’s behind this node.

Any clues?

EDIT: additional to that, are there any nodes that can perform if-like operations? didn’find any. for example:
pin 1 is “true”, the input of pin 2 should get passed to the output-pin

EDIT2: Ok, found it. The S+H (Animation) does this job for now.

Inspektor (VVVV) gives you detailed info about a certain node, create one with ctrl+i. and look in the node category color for other color nodes (doubleclick, than rightclick on the empty node and move mouse to the left to see the category order). what a default IOBox (Color) does is a convenient HSV (Color) Join, x-axis is the hue and y-axis the value.

Thank you tonfilm! :)