A bit lost with connecting Show&Tell

I am trying to set up the connection with the Mastodon server from Show&Tell, and to me the instructions are not clear. Do I now have to provide my credentials from vvvv.org (what the Gray Book says) or my accounts on Mastodon or Pixelfed (what Show&Tell says)?

If it is the accounts of Mastodon - it would be great if the namings of the input fields align with the setup page from Mastodon itself or would at least lead to the right info - is “Name” the user name? Or is it the “Application Name” from the setup page? And what is “guest/guest” from the Gray Book?

Hm! I can remember I made a few other attempts in the past and left right away, because it all was really unclear to me.

P.S.: Also for me pressing Ctrl+2 on a Stride window to generate the screenshot is not working.

As the graybook explains (apparently not clear enough), there are two different options:

  1. Use the common “madewithvvvv” account
    This one works out of the box, without you having to configure anything and will post as “guest”. if instead you want to post under your vvvv.org username, then here you can enter your vvvv.org credentials instead of guest/guest

  2. Use a custom account
    In case you have mastodon or pixelfed account you want to use, add a custom account and then provide these infos:


What I see we can improve:

  • for the common account, name the first field “Username” instead of “Login”
  • for custom accounts, name the last field “Access token” instead of “Api Key”

Do you have any other recommendations?

Oh okay… the guest/guest form was hidden behind the show/hide button… now that I tried I also noticed that for me it does not work to connect it and I am pretty sure I’ve put in the right data.


Maybe to make it really clear, just show the form for the vvvv.org login data by default to the top, without the collapse menu? For me the configurations for Mastodon and vvvvv.org get too much mixed up, could be way simpler:


Also for custom accounts the “Name” could be “Username”, if I get it right that I need to put in my username here?.. okay, I got it right, connecting to my Mastodon instance works on my end.

Win+Shift+S works, Ctrl+2 on a Skia Renderer too. But it does not work on a Stride SceneWindow.

Something I also noticed - in the text input fields you can not click into it to set the cursor to another position. If something has to be corrected in the beginning of the field, the whole input has to be deleted.

good point re showing the login for the common madewithvvvv account by default.

odd, we’ll have to investigate.

actually no. our documentation says: “A name that identifies the account for you”. so this is a string that is only used on your end in the gui to distinguish one from another account.

yes, this is a known issue in latest 2022.5 previews.

thanks for pointing this out.

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