8Buttons ->bin ->dez?

i want to control led with the blinkenleds bord (www.blinkenleds.de) over the parallelport.
but for this i need the binary code resulting on 8 buttens like in the picture below!
can anybody give me a hint, im sitting here for days and i don´t get it…
thanks phil

hi phil,

i’m sure that i could help you if i was able to see that jpg.
unfortunately the vvvviki has a problem with attachments in the forums.
but this is only temperorary and will get managed in the next two years.
could you upload this jpg somewhere else (perhaps here: http://vvvv.org/tiki-galleries.php) and link it here?

Radix allows you to convert from a binary to a decimal system, but it might be overkill for that application…

so: have a spread with 8 values which are either 0 or 1 ready (PeakSpread and BarSpread will come handy - see their helpfiles)
now multiply that spread (use * (Value)) with a spread with the values 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 (you could use Power and I to create that - or just enter the numbers in the inspector)
now add all values of the slices together: Use + (Spectral).

now you have your number ready for the blinkenleds board. accessing the parallel board is another topic.

i got the image without problems…

  • ^i got the image without problems… ^

The image “http://vvvv…?attID=49” cannot be diplayed, because it contains errors.

  • on my modules pages i linked images with thumbnails.
    thumbnails work for me, the linked images don’t. same error msg.

  • else often to read (for me):
    picture not found
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is it only me?

thanks alllot!

damn, it was so easy, and i`m to complicated!

greets phil