8 screen-How to

hello guys,

i need to make a multiscreen setup. it will be from 6 to 10 screens. its gonna be all interactive
with sensors on the screens outputting data into vvvv. The graphics gonna be span on the monitors

i wonder what is a goodway to do it.
i know for 6 screens i can go with one pc but im thinking a boygroup setup(that i have never made before.)
it would be nice to be able to change patches with a svvvvitcher or something.
probably some videos too.
and also will be a permanent installation so has to run easy by someone else.

and im thinking a lot about the hardware/budget issues.
i would like to know if anyone had a ssimilar experience.

i would really appreciate your help.

thanks a lot.

What resolutions/framerates do you intend to run on those 6-10 screens?

you should know very precise what you want to do here otherwise you will have to face problems for sure.
flawless playback of videos is sometimes still close to rocket science.

sounds like a job for switchboy (basically a svvvvitcher, that is based on ex9.layer rather than ex9.texture that has an integrated boygroupability).

email me on marko@intolight.de if you want to discuss details.

HI guys,

thanks for replying.

@kalle . i’m not going for anything really fancy. probably a 680*400 for each screen @25fps minimum.
been reading around for video playback with boygroup and seems a real time consuming task.
i probably can get away with some png sequences if its less problematic.

i’m also looking around for hardware solutions to make it with a single pc.

@velcrome switchboy sounds interesting. i’m still doing my research and tests with boygrouping so i’ll make a contact once i feel more confident with it.

i will get back here with any developments.

thanks a lot

dds textures and ssd drives are pretty quick…