64 bit Disadvantage

I have checked out the Missing in 64 bit builds section of the downloads section.

But I have been running to other issues where other nodes( hope I’m using the right term there) not listed in there are read to. The nodes which are unexpectedly red, seem like they should be a part of the regular build.

Things like VideoIn and some of the filters were red when I tried to use them.

The strangest thing was for VideoIn it seemed like it would work find. I could use my camera but still it remained red.

A lot there these strange errors have been found out as I have start to go through a lot of the non basic tutorials. Right now I’m going through the one for Video effects and Composting.

If any one can tell me what other non basic tutorials might give me trouble being on a 64- bit system, that would be appreciated.

Not sure, but i don’t see any reason for 64 bit not to work. Vlc is a bit tricky, but can work on 64 when installed properly, anyway videotexture should be fine. Did you put the addons pack in the right place? The videoin sometime turn to grey when switching between two camera options.

I unzipped the addon file directly into the same folder as the download guide said too.

I thought I was reading that Filestream VLC didn’t work on 64 bit. Am I wrong? Has anyone else gotten VLC to work on a 64 bit processor?

What should I be doing to start, what I’m sure will be the long trouble shooting process?

Sorry, i had mistake. The vlc was working not with 64 but with the 32 version. But the 32 version can be installed on 64 bit computer, here it works. Isn’t it the same with all 64 bit computers?

vvvv_x86 runs perfectly fine on x64 windows

missing-in-64bit-builds cryptically states, that some nodes of the category dshow9 won’t work properly, where VideoIn (DShow9) belongs to

Filestream (EX9.Texture VLC) does not (yet) run on x64

keep in mind, that most of the time using the x86 version is enough, except you got loads of data in memory (and videomemory)

Thanks, Woei. I had talked to someone on IRC and they basically told me the same thing.

Much Appreciated!

just a little correction:
other than woei stated the VideoIn (DShow9) does actually work with vvvv_x64. if it does not work for you i suspect this to be a problem of your cameras drivers not being available for x64. so you’d need to check for suitable x64 wdm drivers for your camera.

if this node comes up red it is usually only due to the Video Format not being set yet.