64 arithmetic operations limitation

i m using vvvv’s phong point light shader as a base.
but i have a 64 arithmetical operation limitation.

wich are the different option to resolve this ?
any experimented advice would be nice , really !

ligne_tremblante2.fx (6.5 kB)

hey karistouf,

this is a limitation of the PS 2_0 shader model.

try PS 2_a , PS 2_b or PS 3_0 (line 164…)

hi kalle, first MANY thanks to this answer.

it s ok now but shader is not working and Phong technique appears in red in vvvv’sFX editor.

what would you say ?
is this a problem with my graphic card or a pb of technique ? (well with Tonfilm shader test, my graphic card is said to be ok wit 2a and 2b)…

i have discovered that making 2 passes kill the effect of pass 0.
( lighting). so searching of to play around with shaders in simple way ;-)

trembling.zip (13.8 kB)

both shaders arwe working here. (7800 GT 512MB)

nice Texture!

BOTH ? damned… my poor laptop is not enough when going on hollydays … bouuuuuhhhhhh…

hum… do you have light parameters working on shader lignetremblante2.fx ?

its strange as i may compile until 2b with this laptop, but a lot of shaders are no showing anything??? ( depth of field combined, distance, etc…)