6) VVVV DX pipeline

due to my bad preparation for todays irc-meetup, here’s what i pointed to:

i tried to adopt shaders from 3rd party tools earlier and ran into problems i couldn’t solve. the reason was, that those shaders where multipass-shaders (as i learned now) whom are not supported by now.

a multipass shader can use data (textures) from an earlier pass in each pass.

my example:

  • process vertex-shader
  • do phong shading
  • blur only light areas

better examples:



so, the question is, if there’s any strategy to achieve that technique?

some pros and cons:
-+ awesome sophisticated shading :)
-+ use of 3rd-party (visual) shader editors
-= do YOU need/want this?
– complex coding stuff
– there might be a (complex) reason why it’s not supported

while searching for this topic, i found this thread: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/5103 and, of course, things are more complicated than they seem to be

that’s it for now…