6 Monitors TripleHead

I want to use 2 Triplehead and 2GC. So my question is=
one big GC like 5870 for the 2 Tripleheads (6Beamer)
and one smaller GC like 5750 for the Controll Monitor


better use 2 5850 GC

Thanks for Help

better same.

and it does not confuse the System, to handle same GC and drivers ?
That´s what i´am afraid for

absolutely not. I’m using often pairs of GC of the same type, and the fact you have the same driver seems to be more stable solution (but i never tried with different cards really)

i second that.

the setup that works nicely for us is to have two identical gc and two tripleheads. that way you have 6 projectors in fullscreen mode, a conrol monitor for patching and one spare.
make sure you buy cards with a lot of vram.

depending on the output it is sometimes better to connect both tripleheads to the same gc - if only the camera is different on all renderers but not the scene itself. in all other cases it is better to put one triplehead on each card.

Thank you for your information !
So I use two 5850 GC. I want to play 6 Videos, witch two tripleHeads DVI. Two times 3840768, so that i get at all
1536. The Videos comes from a SSD and they was coded in 720p /as an m2v file.
What do you thing is the best connection for the tripleHead - one GC for the tripleHeads or on each.
They are still masks on the Videos - animated with VVVV



Hi there,

If you are playing video both th2go’s have to be connected to the same card with the gfx card ports set to span.
We use two gtx 275’s in our system which works but do know someone who uses a gtx285 for the main render card with the th2go’s connected and a 9600gt for the monitor

Hey everybody,
we are also somewhat stuck playing video on six projectors: they are distributed on two render engines, each of which bears two graphic adapters (nVidia GTX 275).
For each machine, one adapter is rendering two outputs in fullscreen, the other adapter a third output and a control screen.
(We also have two tripleheads in use, but want to get them out of the setup again for performance reasons and use single outputs instead)
Q How can we decompress the right parts of our video frames to the right VRAM and how can it be playbacked in sync? We understand that boygrouping is not handling several RAM transfers of video surfaces on the same machine at all. How could we find out about the exact DirectX-implementation? Is there some development about this in the bushes?