6.2 Preview Quest2 Openxr passthrough?

Looking at the latest release of Gamma I saw the new option of VR Passthrough, I did a quick test with my old Quest2 in Airlink mode. VR examples work just fine, but no background on the passthrough patch example
Is this feature available on this headset ? Is there any specific setting that I need to enable ?

yes, works with the quest2. performant only when connected via cable though. and needs to enable the passthrough feature in the quest apps seetings → Beta tab.

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Mmm I did enable it, restarted vvvv, meta, steam, pc, quest, all at the same time
Still VR works just fine, but vvvv says the device its not capable
I did “join” the public test chanel to see if there is a new oculus release, is there any thing else that I am missing?

i have Meta Quest Link App Version and this “Passthrough over Meta Quest Link” in the “Beta” tab on.
on the “General” tab, do you have set “Meta Quest Link” as “OpenXR Runtime”?

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