I should convert a 5760 pixel-wide video into a vvvv video format. the data rate is not very high, more like still images. my usual programs to create a avi or mp4 won’t do this size. has anyone done this before.

regards mind

you could try using the VLC plugin and just play the format you have already:


but if they are still images why not treating them as such instead of video?

virtual dub will do it, I’ve used pic video 4 as a output format, 2GB file size limit, and go-pro cineform no size limit, MASSIVE data rate, you’ll need ssd’s for that.
pic video does have a memory leak it seems (or mjpg does) but its small and seems like it will take over a day cause an issue.

avi avidemux crashs with this realy big file.

any other tips for converting the video?

virtualdub is fine. i got 60 minute video, in xvid 10 MB/s looks fine.

I want to fade the video out, or fade a black shape over it, and the jump to defined point an blend the video in. what codec would you recommend?