512 pin Stalone?

For my LED interface, I am going to have 512 DMX channels, they all have to be connected to DMX (network ARTNET sender) node, but hehe… I do not think my PC likes it that much when I set the Stalone (spread) node to 512 inputs.

VVVV tends to crash :(

And besides that, I can only get like 50 pins at once on my monitor, so are there any work arrounds to combine 512 values in 1 pin ??

I realy hope you all can help me out here (again ;) )

And thnx already!!

you could do several stallones with 8 inputs, these go into another stallone with the right spreadcount…

stallone_me.v4p (39.6 kB)

As soon as I opened your Patch, my Winamp Stuttered, but CPU is fine now ;)

Thnx for beeeing up so late :)

Didn’t notice I could do what you did, since the last 50 of every 100 is going to be ZERO, I think I can work it out now, many many thnx.

Owkee… I just had to set the stalone on PIN in stead off Slice… hehe… think the dog got the bone now…

and dont forget a spreaded GetSlice here and there to break down your 512 slices to some smaller spread…

512 inputs?
i am pretty sure that there is something more to optimize.

I’d like to have a look at your patch.


I am using DMX, and that has 512 channels. But Since I use different types off devices, with different channels, it is better that you do it like this:
channel 0 - 100 is reserved for Light type-A
channel 100 - 200 is reserved for Light type-B
channel 500 - 512 is for the Stroboscoop

But I read yoiu are a DMX expert and that is just what the dokter ordered :)

I am still building my Patch, but you are free too look at it :)

I always do my personal notes in English, because you never know who you might ask for assisantce.

I have not used the 512 stalones yet, because I am trying to build it all in simple blocks, and in the end I want them to be trown together.

I will RAR my patch and sub-patches, and try to write some explenation off what it is suposed to do.

I think now that a combination of Resample (spreads) and Cons (Spreads) will do the same thing as the stalone.