5 quads many videos


on a 4 screen setup, i want to be able to show different videos/livecameras/animations in each screen individual, but also as a whole on all 4 screens.
I would like to be able to route my -lety say 12 inputs (not running at the same time)- to every possible output, als well as mix two signals on every output.

my first aproach was to create 5 quads (one for the big output) and 4 for every screen.
is there some kind of easy way to have a mixer on every quad and be able to route the inputs there, or will i have to do it all with a chain of switches ?

any node name, tutrial or general tip would be much apreciated.
Basicly i know how i could do it, but it would be a very big mess.

also the VLC filestream plugin uses a lot of CPU power no matter what codec i use, is that normal ? I have an ATI 6950 GPU

greetings and thanks a lot

I don’t know about performance, what you could try is make a big Cons (EX9.Texture) and than put them all on the Quads. Next you can simple switch the alpha’s, linearfilter, so you can decide what is visible. Not the most elegant way, but it kind off works, just an idea.

Basic Texture Mixing.v4p (12.1 kB)

jes, all textures in a cons, then use GetSlice (Node) to route individual textures to individual quads. ie. the Index will always have a spread of 5 indices: one for each of your 5 quads to select the right texture (out of the consed texture spread).

gestlice seems to be complex :)
thank you very much.

joreg, you mean one getslice for each quad ? so i just use it as a selector ?

im new to vvvv so i tried to understand getslice, what i would do now is

all inputs->cons-> 5 x (2 getslices (two per quad) -> cons -> quad with alpha)

i tried using just one getslice for all quads, but i dont seem to understand the binsize .

i am asking because i managed to get this done with just one getslice for 3 quads (with 4 inputs and binsize -4) (i could select each input via a sliced index (the index had 5 slices one for each quad). But with 5 quads 3 of them always showed the same video, no matter what binsize i used. i just connected the 5 quads to the getslice out.

i think i am getting the index spread on the getslice wrong, if i assume that with 5 index slices i can tell 5 quads on the getslize out what input to choose, right ?

if i get you right it should be quite simple, see attached. requires the addonpack.

routingTextures.v4p (22.5 kB)

that looks great.
Is my modification to your patch the right aproach ?
i need 1 big quad spread accorss all screens in the background + 1 on each of the 4 screens.

4quads->group-> ≈ linearspread(with 4 spreads) quad ?

routing-textures-with-mixer.v4p (16.0 kB)

joa…looks plausible…