5 outputs from 1 cpu ( no matrox )

hey guys i have a tech question,
im planing to upgrade my cpu ( q9550 + n250 ), and i need to know if this is possible, there are a few motherboards for i7 that can hold 3 pcie , is possible to run vvvv with 3 nvidia cards using 6 outputs at the same time ?
( 1 full hd for monitor , and 5 for vvvv ). Im planing this at 1024x768 res, but i need to know if windows seven + nvidia cards can be use at the same time doing a 6 spann view. This set up its way more afordable than 2 matrox 3head 2 go… and i dont know if ati eyefinity works well with vvvv, but the mini display port -> vga are very expensive ( at least here on arg )

the 2nd option is 2 nvidia cards, with only 3 outputs , 3x1024x768 , or 1x1024x768 + 1 matrox 3 head at 3072x768

or using cheap pci cards… and my old cpu ?

any ideas or suggestions ? im not doing a lot of pixelshadering so i dont realy need a cutting edge vga,

what woud you recomend ? ( low price its a must :( )

I don’t really have an answer for you I’m just curious what graphics cards you’re planning on using?

… anyway I think you need to trick vvvv into thinking that the separate outputs are one big screen which I think is only possible with AMD-based cards but I don’t know for sure.

ATI Radeon 5870 Eyefinity 6

6 outputs (mini display port) that can be VGA, DVI, HDMI with adapters.

Tested with 6 outputs:

  • 1 control monitor
  • 4 grouped displays connected to video projectors, with multiscreen edge blend
  • 1 connected to plasma

Used Mini Display Port to VGA adaptors (Apple)

tnks mbrissos but i cant get that card, here its like 800uss + 50uss each adaptor, and i need 6 of them, so its verry expensive

gilbi my idea its to “create a secondary desktop of 5120x768” … but before buying all the hardware i need to be sure that its possible. If you create a render window and you drag it to the secondary desktop it can fit the resolucion of that desktop, i dont know if i can create the span by “drivers”…

but i would like to know if vvvv can handle 5 renders on 5 diferent monitors at the same time, i never try it before, but with 2 outputs i was able to do it without any problem, if windows can see it, vvvv can see it, am i rigth ?

i dont need 1 screen of 5120x768 , but i need 5 x 1024x768

the videocard that im planing to use are mid range nvidia cards, n250

buying another 2 cards its wwwaaayyy more affordable than a quadro, or a eyefinity , or a matrox.

i guest that if i can do it with a motherboard with 2 pcie and 2 n250, if i have 4 displays on windows, i shoudt have any problems on vvvv, same story with 3 cards and 6 outputs… rigth ?


i read about a software solution for 3 pci cards.
maybe it will help you.


works very well!

…and they are mechanical unsuitable.
go for HD 6970 which occupies 3 slots but offers 4 ‘real’ display ports and 2 DVI outputs.
read more here:https://discourse.vvvv.org/

greate kalle i think i will go with that one…
with that card i can run this set up ?

dvi1 -> full hd main display
dvi1 -> 3072x768 -> matrox th2go -> 1,2,3 outputs @ 1024x768
minidp1 -> active adapter to vga -> 4 output @ 1024x768
minidp2 -> active adapter to vga -> 5 output @ 1024x768


dvi1 -> full hd main display
dvi2 -> 3072x768 -> matrox th2go -> 1,2,3 outputs @ 1024x768
minidp1 -> 2048x768 > active adapter to vga -> matrox 2htgo analog -> 4,5 @ 1024x768


dvi1 -> full hd main display
dvi2 -> vga -> output1
minidp1 -> active vga adaptor -> output2
minidp2 -> active vga adaptor -> output3


it’s not minidp, it’s dp!!!
there are manifold possibilities to configure that card, you can span (called “Group” here) several outputs to appear as only 1 head for windows. but i assume that all heads you want to group should have the same resolution settings…
most of what you want should be possible.

i would be careful with that, you don’t know what’s happening with the EDID through that active adapter.