5.3 Console pops up with errors after installing 6.x and latest Stride.Physics

@joreg you asked me on chat to post the log of the errors I see:

So, initially I was still using 5.3.0423.

For the Genuary entry of today, which is about using a physics-library, I investigated those, and tebjan told me on chat that I could install the fully Stride.Physics package. Since this is Net8, I thought I might as well install VVVV 6.05.
After that, I saw some console errors in 6.05, but they are gone in 6.06 so I won’t post them here.

5.3.0423 didn’t even start anymore.

But I thought it doesn’t make sense to post bugs for that old version, so I installed 5.3.0450 and that started, but opened a console with errors on start. So this is the log for that:

vvvv.zip (6.5 KB)

I think it’'s mostly about the Net8 Stride.Physics. I probably won’t keep that anyway, since it’s a bit over my head at this point… ;-)

So this isn’t much of a bug report after all ;-)
Feel free to completely dismiss it.

Thanks and cheers,


So I removed the Stride 4.2 nugets and the errors are gone, so I think you can probably ignore this report.