5.1 Surround Sound Video

has anyone tried to play back a video with surround sound? will directx manage the audio channels if i had a computer with 5.1 card and just connect the audio from the FileStream to AudioOut?

Did you have any luck, I want to do the same thing did you get it going?

If not what’s the best way of playing surround sound out of vvvv, interleaved wav file?, multiple stereo file playing at once?

ja has anyone just tried it?
i’d say in theory it could just work with filestream connected directly to audioout.

hi all,

i also thought about this topic recently and i found a thread, where someone mentioned a solution with AC3Filter and a digital link cable…it’s described here quite at the bottom.

maybe that’s what you are looking for…?

as i dont have any 5.1 files here, i wanted to move this old thread a little bit more to the top and repeat tonfilms question from 2007:

has anyone tried to play back a video with surround sound?

i assume it should just work, and none of our users actually complained about not working, but it would be great to have some more thoughts whether it works well or flaky; which codecs/formats are suitable etc; any features to be missed; any clever workarounds etc.

I will try this, before i rerender a lot of video, does anyone have any experience on this?


Did not succeed, probably because of driver problems, I opt for using multiple cheap audio interfaces, that has been tested at it works.


Vlc node (see Contributions) should be capable of playing 5.1 files… maybe that can help anyone.