4K 60fps choppy playback

hi all,

I encoded 3840x2160 @ 60fps H264 High Profile, CBR 80kbps for testing purposes, but the clip stutters as hell when played back through VVVV. Perfmeter shows MainLoop and GPU peaks
i7 4790K + GTX 1080, Win10

Works with the standalone VLC player as expected.
Any idea what the problem could be?

if you have a ssd, don’t use the vlc player. imagestack is a reliable thing if the hardware is fast enough. if the movies fit into your ram, you could even preload all frames and then getslice the desired one.

ah, and of course hap-player is a super easy option for you!

imagestack won’t work because the videos are too long.
I already tested the hap player but playback also looked choppy, altough perf showed 60fps.
Not as super choppy with vlc dx11, but not supersmooth either.


When using Hap Player try disabling Vsync and see if it plays smoothly then. Not really a solution though.

What do you mean by that? Not enough disk-space?
Did you try?:

ok sry I thought imagestack preloads the images to the vram.

actually this is the best solution. works smooth.
but 2017 and splitting hours of video into frames for smooth playback … lol

vvvv style

It’s actually pretty common also with professional mediaservers.

ok then I will take that back ;)

what codec would you recommend performance wise?
I have to simultaneously play back 24 dynamically selected videos @ 640x360.

my i7 and samsung evo couldn’t handle it.
am I looking for a new fast m.2 ssd or will I need one of those pcie monsters?
I tried dds, but the dxt compression looks really bad, and the client is a film guy.
So I guess picture quality and smooth playback are top priority.

Regarding quality, have you tried BC7?

When loading textures there are trade offs. When you use an uncompressed file format like for example tga you’ll get the best quality but of course also larger files. The performance bottleneck is most likely going to be the speed of your HD/SSD.
With compressed formats like jpg you can save diskspace and therefore “io-duration” at the cost of cpu performance for decompressing/decoding the image. Also when using jpg the compression and thus the needed performance varies with the image content. So some files may play just fine but others don’t.

Your textures are 640x360 px (for 24bit textures / no Alpha) that should be approx. 0,7 MB uncompressed.
Multiplied by 24 Videos and 60 FPS you’ll get about 1GB/sec that need to be loaded from disk. That is easily possible with newer m2 / pcie SSDs.

IIRC BC7 has a compression ratio of 4:1, so you’ll need only to load 250MB/sec which should be possible with any evo, m2 or sata.

Woei’s player has outputs for disk-loading-time, cpu and gpu usage, use those to find your bottleneck.

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hey, great info thx!

I tried BC7 which does look much better and loads fast. A little noisey but ok. So I guess for maxiumu quality the way would be to go with a fast drive and use uncompressed bitmaps…

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