4D Hyperobjects


hi all,

I am very interested in the concept behind Miegakure and 4D Toys. What these game do is having an algorithmic generated 4D world with 4D objects, and representing one “slice” of this 4th dimension in the 3D we know. (And which is a 2D projection on our screens.)

Has anyone of you experimented with this kind of visual representation? I would like to do a basic example of this in vvvv. The example from the youtube video looks like it could be done with fieldtrip…


I have done some experiments recent years: as here:
I wrote my own matrix for the transformation in 4D space, as well as projection back on 3D space. Thus, the matrix formula were applied in openframework, vvvv, and other platform as well.


Hey schlonzo,
Have you looked at this already?