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hi folks!
im new here and just started working me through the tutorials. a friend told me of this site and software that will be the solution for my problem. however, im running out of time, since my final presentation is going to be this saturday. therefor i ask for help here.

what i have:
i made a film, with 4 cameras, that record from 1 point out in four directions the plot
i have one stereosound for all 4 movies
the movie ist about 6 min long

i need:
a way to start/stop playing all 4 movies in time, they should be synchronised, since each movie relates to the others.

the friend of mine wrote me a patch, wich i do not understand jet. as i understood hin right, i need a master computer, which plays on of the movies, plays the sound and will be used to control the other movies on the other computers. i will attach the file (masterpatch/slavepatch).

thank you for your time,
regards, natale

What you are describing should be quite Simple. All you have to do is send the control data via Network from the Server to the other computers. If you have 5 computers (1 Server and 4 Clients), every Client recieves the control Data (UDP Broadcast) at the same time and so the Videos will be in synch. No big deal.
But you should use one of the clients to play audio (due to synch reasons)

you mean, i use 5 computers
1 sever to control
1 client to play audio and movie
3 clients to play a movie

or dose one client play only audio and the server plays one of the movie?

thx so far

you mean, i use 5 computers
1 sever to control
1 client to play audio and movie
3 clients to play a movie

if you use server to play audio, it may (read WILL) start a bit earlier due to network lag.

depending on client computer power (1.8ghz+) you should be able to get away with

1 server to control (can be a really old as all it does is send control)
1 client to play video1 with audio + video2
1 client to play video3 + video4

ok, the computers i use have about 2.2 ghz, that should do it. but since i dont know if they can handle 2 videos. therefore i will go with 4 clients and one controlling server. nonetheless the following problem accured. if i play my video in fullscreenmode, it wont be shown in 16:9. how can i manage that in vvvv?

1 sever to control
1 client to play audio and movie
3 clients to play a movie

is right. as dzark pointed out: you give the clients the order to start playing via network. networks have delays. if the server would play audio or video, it would start playing slightly before the clients.

2 videos on 1 machine is possible (we had 3 videos playing at the same time on a pretty standart machine) but it’s not recommended if you want to make sure, that there is no jitter.

@natale: 19:9 should be easy to set up. Keep in mind that the Renderer is stretched to te aspect ratio of the Fullscreen size of your renderer (=pixelsize of your output device).

So if you have a 4:3 beamer, you have to ransform the quad on wich your video lies to a 16:9 aspect ratio inside the renderer. Attached is an example patch

aspect ratio.v4p (5.0 kB)

or to put it into other words: play the audio on all movie clients and connect only one pair of speakers to them?

thx that works!

thx for your idea

right now ive got the problem, that it wont function in fullscreen mode.
i use, for testing, 2 computers (pentium 4, 2,8 ghz, 1gb ram) one slave patch and one master patch (see attachment above).

  • the master plays video + audio, and functions as a controller
  • the slave plays video
    in normal mode both computers play video and the master plays audio as well. if i start it in full screen mode it only shows an image of the first frame on both computers, while the master patch plays the audio.
    does anybody have an idea?

hi folks,
i just wanna tell you, that my presentation work out pretty well. i got an 1.0 for my movie. right know im working on the site for showing the project. i let you know when its done.
my regards,