4 display graphic card

hello world! i would like to know if somebody have experience with any graphic card with four display output and vvvv running one renderer strechted over the four displays. i have some options but i dont know if it will works good or not. I saw this different cards:

-Matrox g450 mms quad.
-Nvidia quadro nvs 440.
-Matrox epica tc4.
-Ati firemv 2400.

Anyone have experience with any of this cards ?, any other option???, thanks in advance to anyone that can help me.

I recently did an installation with four monitors resolution each 1440x900@60Hz showing one stretched renderer.
I use a nvidia 8800 GTX and two MatroxTripleHeadToGoDigitalEdition to realize this.
I only used two outputs of the TripleHeadToGoDigitalEdition but used the TripleHead instead of the DualHead because the TripleHead has DVI-Inputs. (every Head of the 8800 set to 2880x900 and than spanned to one desktop with 5760x900).
After some problems at the beginning (that mainly had to do with the fact that not only one 8800GTX is used in this system) the system is working stable and with good framerates.


i would go with msbergers setup because all the card guest mentioned above - to my knowing - are targeted at 2d-use and only have bad 3d-acceleration.

so its possible to connect the vga output of my graphic card to one matrox dual head and the dvi output to a matrox triple head so i only use one graphic card?

if not , Anyone can inform myself about how to mke a setup of two grphic cards in the same computer?? hoiw the performance is affected???
thanks to all i wait for answers

Hi anonymous guest … what about to register … ?

  • yes, it should be possible to use a DualHeadToGo and a TripleHeadToGoDigitalEdition with one graphics card

  • to strech a fullscreen renderer over the two heads of a graphics card (the four monitors connected to the matrox bixes) the two heads have to be configured as “one big display in span mode”. To use the span mode both heads have to have the same resolution.

  • please make sure that your graphics card is able to provide this big resolution with good framerates 4x 1024x768 --> 1x 4096x768 !

  • using more then one graphics card in one system is not a problem … your motherboard only needs the right number of appropriate slots (these days PCIE16x). It is always good not to mix several kinds of graphics card in one system but only use one model in one system (or at least different models that all are able to work with the same driver release).

  • the bad thing using two or more graphics cards in one system is, that you are not able to span a display over two or more graphics cards … so you are not able to strech one fullscreen renderer over more than one card. With two cards you have to use at least two seperate renderer what makes things more complicated. Problems can for example be the exact syncronising of the two cards and the usage of directshow streams (filestream, video in …)


I have the setup with two 8800GTX card on a sli supportet mainboard, but how can I strech a renderer over the 4 screens?
I only can strech it over 2 screens. Now I work with two renderwindows but in that way its not possible to play videos streched over 4 displays. need help.

@markus: see: http://vvvv.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=7&comments_parentId=17695#threadId17697

Now I took Matrox TripleHead2Go with one Nvidia 8800GTX and it works fantastic. one renderer over 4 screens.