3D Rear-projection with Dolby/Infitec

Just a quick note for anyone thinking about doing 3D in a rear-projection setup, and a question for anyone who might be using this system.

After a lengthy and futile search for rear-projection screen material that would work with polarized 3D, I gave up and tried Dolby 3D. It uses color band-pass filters instead of polarization, and works like a charm.

No special screen requirements, it will work with any normal screen, and no pre-processing is really required. It also uses passive glasses, that while more expensive than polarized ($12US) are WAY cheaper than shutter glasses.

The only hitch is finding filters for the projectors (you’ll need two). The commercial system uses a spinning wheel that fits inside high-end projectors, but inquiries with Infitec, Dolby, and a distributor about any other filters have so far gone unanswered. So I’m using a couple of lenses from the glasses - which work fine for my DLP projector (small light cone) but not for my short throw LCD.

Anyone else use this system? How did you do the projector filters? Thanks!