3d projection mapping


Im need to make a projection mapping animation like this one-


That is- 3 projectors that make it seem like its in 3d from the render point of view

The animation is ready in maya.

I need thes by june- its for my final projects in school to get my architectures degree

Please help!!!

How do i do this?
Is there a patch for this kind of projection mapping?


have a look at this this tutorial and also be sure to look into this one. both are very nice and should be good starting points.

To be honest, since it is filmed from the exact point as where the beamer is, I doubt it is 3 projectors, but just 1, and than they just masked out the roof. That is why I hate these “on a tripod” recordings for object mapping.

Anyway, if you are sure it is 3D, and if you know your 3D software, try to model the room where you project in/on and read here: how to project on 3d geometry

also check out GridEditor and PointEditor. you can distort a texture via dragging and dropping points. its a fast way of doing projection mapping without calculating anything. just do it for all three projectors separately.

good luck with the thesis :)

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Ill take a look at them.

Is there someone here how can help me with my projects - for pay obviously.

hey guest, I normaly do not play the admin but a single username and a single thread would make everything way more easy for you and us :)

Sorry. I posted the other thread by mistake

Hi again,

I made slight progress on this project, and I tried to read the suggested tutorials.
I’m trying to do the projection on 3 surfaces using 1 projector. I’m having problems on how to project on the 3 surfaces. I’m using grideditor to project a 3d model on a wall corner.

currently I can’t make the projection to look right from the viewer point.
I’m sure there is a simple solution, but I need it ready in a matter of days for the arch. degree final project.
As I’m new to VVVV, I’ll appreciate if someone would agree to send me his/her mail/skype (also a time when it’s OK to call of course) so I can call and ask a few questions for a simple resolution of the probelm… :-)
my mail is: yael@kaufmanweb.net

Thanks a lot!!!


From what I understand, there is no need to do 3d mapping for this.

You just need to display 3 videos in sync in 3 quads that are distorted to fit the surfaces.

Try this:

  • Save the animation in 3 different video files for the 3 surfaces
  • Open the file that I uploaded, show the renderer in fullscreen on a projector facing your surfaces while you see the patch on your monitor/laptop
  • Play around with the transform pins and the distortion pins till the 3 quads perfectly fit the 3 surfaces
  • Play the 3 videos in the 3 quads. You can use ‘VideoTexture’ to do that.

Let me know if that works or why it doesn’t

distortedQuads.v4p (34.9 kB)