3d primitives for a beginner

hey guys

i want to get to know how to use the 3d parts of vvvv i guess since there is absolutely no tutorials on the internet about that subject that i am alone in this field (evil irony ;-)

well i want to be able to use the pointeditor, b-spline or whatever makes me able to make the shape of a pyramid and place it in a 3d space.

so if this is not easily done in vvvv can somebody point me in a direction that has what i need maybe an easy 3d program that outputs 3d objects that vvvv can use.

please help its really frustrating when there is no help on the subject.


easiest tool for modeling imho is google sketchup, which can export collada-files. make the model there, import into vvvv, place with transform (and the projector node if projecting on 3d), finetune with pointeditor.
btw the tutorials on this site are fantastic and the girlpower-examples are usually well-documented.

use cylinder Radius 2 0, X res 4.

I’ve certainly never had much problems finding information on here regarding exporting models into vvvv. Try here for a start howto-prepare-x-files and collada

thanx for the awesome replies.
i forgot to salute the genious video tutorials and generel help of high quality to be found in the vvvv community.

with that said i think i have now managed to make some 3d implementation in vvvv using an .x model i made of a few cubes in blender which also has really nice video tutorials. so heres some references for other people comming to this question:

for making a file in blender and exporting it to vvvv

for the video tutoril for blender

kind regards johannes
and i hope its not the last time we exchange knowledge :-)