3D points on globe connecting


i have a 3D globe. I want to connect 2 points on the globe. I get the points by an IP adress. With this adress i make a request to a server which gives me back the longitude and latitude. Now I want to connect two of these points to each other. What is the best way to do it?


have a look at this contribution. it just needs some start and end points to connect:

If im not wrong, the Splines only use one XYZ-coordinate, which means it is not good for my case, since I have an attacker and a defensiv land.

I looked into the patch and i only found one variable of XYZ. It seems that you cantroll one end of the line it draws with it. But i couldn’t find the 2. XYZ variable to maipulate.

ok, so is your question is how you can convert the longitude/latitude values to XYZ coordinates?

if not, maybe try to describe the steps you want to do in more detail.

also look into the file vvvv\girlpower\worldcities.v4p, it draws points for cities on a globe.

and the section “geographical coordinates” in this blogpost might help you:

Ok. First i need to convert longitude and latitude into XYZ coordinates. Thats right. But i have something in mind how to do it.

After i did this, i need to connect 2 XYZ coordinates on a globe with something like an arrow which goes around the globe. I am trying to do something like a globe, on which you can see diffrent hacker attacks from one to another IP adress.

But i will look your input first! Maybe it will help me. Thanks alot, i will reply if i need some more help or im finished with my project :)

Hey, the input you have me is pretty good. But I still have some problems. I convert my Input into Cartesian System and try to draw it on the globe. And it is allways off. I played around with some values but it seems i cannot finde the problem. Is there anyway how i could upload my project and someone could look over it?

Ok, it seems i calculate the Latitude right and i get something wrong with the Longitude. I use the girlpower patch you showed me and copied the funktions. I modified them a little bit for my use. Now i just recalculated the XYZ vector to longitude and latitude so i can see what is going wrong. If i put them on google maps it shows me the same point as in my globe. So it seems something is wrong with my longitude math.

Maybe i should mention, i get them in the Dezimal form like : 43.3215 not in the other form wiht NSWE in it.

It seems i found the error:

Since i allready have Negativ Values inside my data, i had to multiply them with negativ 1. Since i did this everything seems to work fine.

Now i have to find a way to connect 2 Points on my globe with an Arrow or something. This is just the last point i have to make for my project.

If anyone got an idea, please tell me.


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