3d particle system

Hi there!

Im pretty new to v4 and this froum and Im dying for some help.

The project:

Its about green leafs (made in illu) which are in a spherical order and should pulsate.

My main problem is, how start off ?!?
Ive had 2 times 2 hours introduction of v4 - thats pretty little… and Ive got to present a beta version in 3 weeks without any clue about how to do it.

Id really happy for some help, cause I dont know whether this is very complicated or not.

Cheers and all the best, Phil

hello, could you describe a bit more detailed, what you have in mind?

Im sorry, there we go:

I think this isnt even a “particle system”, what I need:

I want to arrange objects, in this case graphics, around a sphere. They should act like the shell of the sphere.
So that we have like 150 objects in a spherical order or someth. like that.

My graphic is a green leaf which I made in illustrator.
(Im not even sure if this will work, cause I dunno whether I need vector graphics to import or not)

Then depending on a midi singal the objects should pulsate, which means they expand the distance to the middle of the sphere they are arranged around.

Is there a simple spread to do so? As I said, Im pretty new to this whole, cool, thing ; )

cheers, phil

ps. If you still dont have any clue of what Im talking about, I could quickly draw a mood of what I have in mind ; )

hi phil,
i think the SphericalSpread-plugin of our famous fellow @woei may help you. it can be found at woei.Plugins and i think it’s part of the beta19.1 addonpack, isn’t it?!?

thanks kalle!

This seems to be the right thing!