3D object from basic shapes?

Is it possible to turn basic shapes (quad, gridsegment, so on) into 3D objects? I’ve been trying for hours, and I’m lost. I’d like to make a flat ring that I can change the inner size, resolution and such using spreads.


Not quite a flat ring but the closest there exists in preset vvvv geometries
would be a Torus(EX9.Geometry).

See girlpower\Graphics\DX9\Geometry\3D_Geometry_Overview.v4p

Thanks! Did a bit more fiddling, and discovered SuperFormula. When the M and N are all set to 2, you get a disc, and you can control the inner radius. It’s still flat, but it’s close, I guess.

Oh ok, just got your question wrong maybe.
See, there is no special case for objects and 3d.
It is just about how you view/look at your scene in the renderer.
You can have 2d objects like quads etc. in a 3d view, no problem.
Your superformula workaround is finally just a kind of 2d gridsegment again.
So why not use a gridsegment in the first place.
Just connect a camera to your renderer and
you have a 3d scene with a 2d object in it. nothing wrong with that.

Maybe you want to take a look at:
rendering overview

know what? that sounds exactly like Segment (EX9) and GridSegment (EX9). they both have helppatches.