3D Model to Mesh

Hello everyone :)
I would like to import a Model (using the FileModel node) and convert it to a Mesh.
I found the MeshModel node but not the ModelMesh node. Is it possible? Is there any way to do this? Or maybe can I import a custom mesh directly?

My final goal is to convert a Mesh to SDF using MeshSDF node…
So I thought to follow this convertion tree: Model → Mesh → SDF.
But maybe there is a way to convert a 3Dmodel to SDF directly?

Thanks a lot :)


does this help? if not, what would you add to the documentation?

Hi @tonfilm,
thanks for your answer, the documentation helped me understand the relationship between Model and Mesh cleary, but I didn’t find the information that I need.

Is there any way to have a mesh output (hence the geometry) from a 3D model?

Let’s say I have a 3D model in any format - let’s say .obj - and I want to create a SDF from that model.
I need the geometric part (so the mesh) of that 3D model.
In fact, the MeshSDF node only supports mesh input (help patch: Baking Mesh SDF). How can I do?

I hope that I was able to explain myself well :)

Thanks a lot!

Hi Martina,

so I used to do this with the help of this dependency patch: GitHub - torinos-yt/VL.Fuse.DomainExtensions in 4.10 - which worked more or less okay - depending on what you want.

seems like in 4.12 there’s an error. Don’t know why exactly.

Unfortunately in the 5 preview version and the new fuse -preview it doesn’t work anymore. I asked in the vl. fuse chat and supposedly gpuValue has been replaced with a new type shaderNode and that’s why. Somebody offered to look into it, but I haven’t heard back till now.


Hi @MAE !
The GetMesh node was exactly what I was looking for… thanks :D

I’m using the VL.Fuse.DomainExtensions dependency with the vvvv_gamma_2021.4.12 version too… I’ve noticed that F9 or the restarting vvvv solved any probelm, when the node is pink :)

thank you very much :)

PS: this is the result!

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