3D Mapping Question

Hello folks,

i have a question about 3D Mapping.
Iam doing a 3D Mapping Project at university right now.
Its about Synesthesia.
So we try get get form, sound and light into a harmonic way.
( Who does not try :)! )

We build an easy 3D geometric skulpture just Quads and Triangles.
I already have made a Mesh and exported it as an x-File and i have also already managed it to fit the 3D Mesh on the real Skulpture via PointEditor and the Projector Node.

Cause we want to build a “Color-Organ” it would be very usefull if there would be the possibility to get every polygon of the mesh separately as in this video for example:

http://vimeo.com/16849475 (0:30 min)

Is it possible or is it just possible by special shaders?

And there is one Problem left with the Mesh. I made it with SketchUp and it seems that there are more layers than just one when i modify it with the pointEditor

Thanks a lot

when you say ‘more layers’ do you mean mesh subsets?

How many triangles (faces) do you have in your model?

Hmmm i read something about mesh subsets.
So how i understood subsets are every single polygon which together are the mesh am i right?

Which triangles do you mean? From the real model or the 3d model?

I uploaded the 3D Model maybe that helps.

Skulptur - Kopie.rar (5.2 kB)

I suggest you to clean your model a bit, separate faces you want to create a subset… I don’t know how to model with sketchup. but for this kind of model it’s better starting from a cube and then extrude…
Use blender!

okay SketchUp seemed to be faster for something like that.
But if thats true i will go for blender.

If i want to have all the surfaces (as shown in the picture) as own subsets how i have to model that?

demo.rar (20.5 kB)

You have to assign a different texture to the faces that need to be different subsets, I’m not sure sketch up will do that or not, as I don’t use it.
Generally in faces selection mode in your 3d program select and assign a texture, on export the mesh is separated into subsets for you

in sketchup subset are mega easy. it’s all based on groups. Just group something and it will be it’s own subset. You can group just a single face too so should be easy.

…Which triangles do you mean? From the real model or the 3d model?..

Well is you have a good 3d model you should have the same number of triangles in it as you do with you real model. When I say triangle I mean faces. 3D meshes are made from loads of triangles. A square for instance would be made from a minimum of 2 faces but could be made from loads of them also.

Just play around with groups in sketchup and subsets. If you haave 20 subsets of a mesh and you put a spread of 20 colours into the shader, you’ll end up with each subset coloured individually.


thanks a lot for that hint with SketchUp, but unfortunately grouping doesnt work. The Subsets count in vvvv is still 1. I also tried to make a Component out of a face but its still one Subset after all …

Am i doing something wrong with the exporter? Iam using the 3D Rad exporter.

@catweasel: So in a 3d Software like Blender i just have to assign a texture no matter which, on a face and it will be a Subset?

Thanks a lot


Hmm i found out that assigning textures to faces in SketchUp making them to subsets as well. Sadly grouping would be alot more effective and easier.
But is there away to make a Subset out of more than just one face. (in this case grouping would be a big benefit). How is it made in other 3d programs? So to assign a more complex geometry as a subset?


arh yes - 3D rad doesn’t subset it from groups. use this exporter

also read howto prepare x files

Thanks a lot nitro now everything is working fine.