3D interior environment

hi, i want to know anyone had experience with 3D environmnent, such as interior 3D environment?
is it possible use vvvv to build 3D interior just like quest3D, because i want to interact with the 3D model such as move the objects?

it is possible to build an interactive 3D environment in vvvv. however:

  • you most probably want to use 3D models that you’d have to build in another application
  • you would have to patch most of the ‘simulation logic’ yourself

the interactivity is not the hard part, neither is the display of the environment. there are even some modules published that deal with first person camera & moving objects around. but since you would have to program all the specific features of the simulation yourself, i figure it would take some time and experience to aquire those qualities that are the unique selling points of quest3D. if your simulation is not that highly complex, vvvv might still be a nice option.

how complex do you imagine your environment to be?

i want to build 3D interior environment and allow the user to interact with some model, such as move, scale. i had tried to use X file from 3DMax, but when i put texture on vvvv, it looks weird, seems like i can see through the object. and is it possible to move the model in 3D direction X, Y and X axis?

check the renderer with the inspector and set the depthbuffer for window and fullscreen mode. that should solve the ‘transparency’.

and yes, its possible to move the model in 3D. connect a perspective node to the renderer and move the object via transform3D.

oh and check the patches in the girlpower folder to learn. or press F1 for helppatches for each node.