3d installation, need some help

Hey all

I’m currently pitching for funding for an installation i’ve got coming up
the voting is done at umbro industries and there’s an explanatory video on vimeo

if i get the casha, then there might also be a bit of freelance available designing volumetric animations. but since it’s not a profit making event it’s only going to be intern rates. i’d be interested to find anyone who might like to get into this kind of stuff though


hey elliot,
your video is really well produced and convincing.

i could imagine that people are too lazy to signup for a login.
so community:
get up your booty; it’s your duty!

if they don’t decide for you they ain’t worth it.


my vote ;)

Kalle is right, I read the story, sdaw the vid, but didn’t know what to to with it!! Signed up and voted, but couldn’t leave a (nice) comment.

“Wow this church looks like it wants to be digital abused. Very impressive video, I like the idea with fluid motion. I just realized the Wii controlled movingheads are also your work, it got me heavily inspired back when I first saw it. I Hope your new work will trigger the same inspiration nerve in my head.”

(using this as my notepad for when the comments are fixed again)