3d heading?

Hello friends

I was trying to get a 3d heading of a moving object in 3d, like the help patch of particles, using its heading output, with polar coordinates and rotation. How can i get a 3d heading of a simple moving object ? ?


you can patch your own heading with the framedifference node …

sorry, got no windows reachable at the moment so i can’t produce a helppatch/example

how should I map the frame difference value to a rotation value ?

I get this working, but don’t know how to go on

heading3d.v4p (8.6 kB)


iirc the girlpower\RollercoasterLookAt.v4p demonstrates the non-trivial realisation of a 3d heading.

Here is the 3d heading. Its taking framedifference to former position as a vector. Normalize this vector. Mix it with some saveNhold stuff and voila your direction ;)
Oh, and taking this into a polar node as you see inside ray (3d) subpatch.
Edit: Ive made it a little more clear in the second zip. Sorry for the mess.

3dHeading.zip (5.9 kB)
3dHeading2.zip (6.2 kB)

heyyy both solutionss are perfect !!! thank you both. the rollercoaster its more difficult to me to understand. any helpatch or info about those nodes used for the heading ? ?