is there a node with wich I can make local transformations of a texture in 3 dimensions instead of only two (I mean something like the grid (DX9) node, only with 3 coordinates…)???
Or maybe there’s a better way to do such a transformation!?!?

thanks in advance


The Node ArbitraryPoint (transform) is what you can use.

Kalle posted a nice tutorial, hope it helps.

Thanks a lot!!
This I exactly what I need. And the help patch from kalle is great.
The standard one, was a little bit difficult to follow for a non-programmer like me! With the ArbitraryPoint and the Attractor node everything is possible!!!

Thanks again


Hope you make a Wiki and post the cool things you did, so we can al learn :)

when (if ever) I finish the project I will post my stuff!!!
but when the day arrives that somebody has to learn from me about vvvv than armaggeddon isn’t far away ;-)