3D Formats

Hi, i was looking for new 3d formats for importing exporting graphics in order to implement it… Here what i came across:

so far i’m thinking that json format way to go however this 3mf thing looks interesting…
Anyone seen anything on that field lately?
The main idea to have it instancing oriented in first place…


2 thoughts come to mind:
1. Alembic
2. Standards

but I appreciate alembic might be tricky to import/export and harder to manipulate once its in vvvv.

While the json looks intially a bit simple it has surface info and skinning but I don’t see subsets. If’ you only want to instance one model I guess that doesn’t matter.

If you want to take the file to or from 3DS Max I imagine you might be using vvvv as a transcoder with a different type reader/writer.

Hi, no, i don’t really want to instance one model, there was some new format where u don’t have all that over-engineered collada crap… And if u have kinda same box with different transforms u’ll have a box and list of transforms and not a 10k boxes…
I’m pretty sure it’s more an exporter problem tho…
This opengex looks pretty cool http://opengex.org/comparison.html this prolly how u would like to have this data in vvvv

fbx totally supports instancing btw ;)

is it an FBX?

this prolly for the VL guys lol

well collada between blender and vvvv never caused me any issues. even collada from C4D is alright. only autodesk products go crazy with these. so rather creating / implementing yet another standard, fuck autodesk.

fbx would be great, I use it as a goto interchange format as its the only one that works most of the time between different 3d programs, if it worked in v4 then I would be very happy :)

I agree. I hope this is not offtopic but i could not really understand what key Feature you are searching for in a 3D Format which FBX does not offer. For me the key feature i still miss would be “moph/blend/ shapes/targets” - which is working in fbx in unity.

Another thing i would like to point out that Autodesk is offering ALL there Software for free for Students including free cloud rendering Services and more. Its very much likely that most people in the future will be using Autodesk Software. They are doing a lot of things right in the education area. Their monopoly is unlikely going anywhere soon…

In my opinion the best situation would be:

  • If this 3D Model ( for example FBX ) works in Unity ( current Version ) it will Work in VVVV ( Current Version )

If you are working on a project with an external 3D modeller it will be very likely that he will be able to check compability in Unity. Asking someone to test a model in VVVV is not an as easy task.

Further the Unity Store is great source for Assets, compability would be useful. Turbosquid and other Asset Sources are also likely to offer .fbx

This situation would make it a lot easier to exchange assets with colleagues and clients

@catweasel: fbx works in v4 with dx11 assimp. sometimes even rigging but only sometimes

Really! I had no idea, i haven’t tried it recently, fantastic news :)

The format i looking for is more to export models from 4v rather then to import them. That’s why i was looking on json formats, so u can edit file with notepad. Still opengex looks like the way to go…

there’s an STL writer (both ASCII and binary) in mcropack, and also I’m developing a format called vmesh which is basically the complete binary dump of a geometry and a json file containing some metadata for reading back to a geometry (obviously other software can’t read that yet but i will probably create a blender importer/exporter at some point). there were also an old demo patch which was writing obj files from geometry.

yea the are some limitations with obj, like u can’t have a multi uv on it. also there are no transforms. x u prolly can have multi uv but no transform… stl shud be same as x or obj…
There are some massive troubles having multi texture meshes, but this is bit another side, like if u have 3 textures for some objects bump spec diffuse or anything else man… when it comes to this is goes to hell straight away if there is about few thousand objects and thay all different maps…
Had to do new plug tho called Equals to NAN just yesterday ;]
Wish that filed will be less mess then it is…

yeah from that 3 only vmesh can store multiple UV’s. however if you do a text based format, please choose one which supports base64 binary data inline (json should not have any problems with it) for storing vertex data, as that’s much much smaller and more precise than human readable numbers. it’s also unlikely that you will edit individual vertices in notepad.