3D-files and morphing_help plz

Hi ppl!!

I ve to 2 questions:
first question:

Im working with some 3d fiels in 3studio-max that I want to use in VVVV:

Does anybody know ehere I can find some ex:s about this? Maybe somebody here has done this before? is it possible?

How should I work in 3D studiomax?

Second question:

I’d like to morph a shadow (s) ( my shadow) into another object, like a coral-plant? is it a way to do this? let say that I ve already the other part (my plant)

You need to export your models as .x files (direct3D format)…I’m not an expert of 3DS but you should have a look at XFile How to? (ok its for Maya but will make things easier to understand)…
Then to morph meshes u need two files with the same indice numbers to succeed…check the attached patch…

edit:upload doesn’t work here :[ Is there any .zip file size limitation?

edit2:xfiles are missing(the only way for me to upload the patch)…so you need to feed the patch with your own files…sorry

MorphMesh.v4p (11.1 kB)

there is also the Tutorial Geometry Morphing