3840x1200 vlc crash

Hi guys!
I have an installation with two projectors, each projector is 1920x1200.
Right. I use an PC with ATI video card config with Efinity modo for have an only screen with 3840x1200.
I use FileStrem(Ex9.Texture VLC) for player one video to 3840x1200 and use a FileTexture(Ex9.Texture) to view some image to 3840sx1200.

When I set on fullscreen the picture are see well, but when I play the video the pojectors stop signal. The player run because reproduce the audio.

If I try to play the video directly with VLC, the system are made the same mode.

For the other side I am installing the codec to play the video with windows media player, and media player windows reproduce good the film on fullscreen to 3840x1200.

Somebody have an idea?


the codec of the video seems not to be supported by VLC. try another codec…

but the video see correctly if I don’t use the fullscreen mode.

boys. Finally find the problem.

1920x1200 x 50hz don’t supportet by some projectors.