360deg edge-blending

Is there a way to extend the texture (repeat tile) at the first and last edge in the Multiscreen node in order to achieve a seamless 360° edge-blending. The screenshot illustrates the problem.

hei guest,

an answer should be burried in here: small 360° setup

Thanks Joreg,
I was studying this patch before. Are you referring to the softedge node? I couldn’t really figure out how it works, as the related links are broken on my pc. However, the patch I’m trying to build is meant to play movies (no realtime graphics and cameras). So I’m feeding the Multiscreen node with a video texture on a quad. I thought the easiest way would be to just narrow the texture size slightly on order to tile it on the left and right side. But the tiling is mirrored. Is there a way to repeat texture tiles none flipped?

Just found EX9.Samplerstate for tiling options!

just connect the output of SoftEdgeManual to the Group below. also see the patch has 2 content paths. one is labeld “video”.

regarding texture repeat modes see Address (EX9.SamplerState) or the samplerstates inside of a shader.