360 Dome projection from the outside


anyone has done something similar? I have only found info on how to project from the inside but not from outside, so im not sure about the distortion that has to be applied, and how the edge blending should be made.


Meso and Strukt have done something similar. The Strukt page explains it in more detail.

we have been doing stuff like that as well.

the procedure is basically the same as for inside- rebuild the physical environment in virtual space as close as possible, project your interactive content onto the virtual environment’s geometry and use a second render pass to push the virtual illusions into your physical beamers.

the devil is in the calibration detail of object, color integrity and softedge of course. either you take a lot of time to do it by hand on site or you put some serious thought into a semi automatic setup that helps you.

thanks, strukt video is what a i have in mind

I’m playing with projector beam:

and this is how it looks

the thing is i can’t make a perfect softedge playing with the x y scale of the mapped texture. Also the grid is not perfectly aligned. I can add a grid editor to correct this, but maybe I’m missing something.

And it should go without saying, don’t use short throw projectors from the outside. I once had to work with that, huge waste of light.

i have created a little helper for texture projections on geometries that also generates softedge masks to blend them smoothly: