360 Degree Renderer

Hey hey,
I am working on a renderer that renders a 3d sceene for a cylindric display. As far i did the rendering with multiple viewports but that needs a lot of performance. I found out that vvvv dx11 uses a 4x4 matrix for the projektionspace. Is the any chanse tho bend the projektion space before i do the rendering? I was thinking about a transposenode node i dont know or i do my own or a way to manipulate the renderer in c#. My brother knowa a lot about mathemathics and would help me with the bending but i found no place were i can manipulate the data.

Hallo it depends on the kind of projections.
Generally I´d say there are 2 ways to do it:

  • the “real” 3d camera, using multiple Projector nodes, each one representing the position of your projectors

  • assuming the surface of the cylinder is a curved surface, so you can use the point editor node and create multiple curved surfaces that will wrap the cylinder, on that you just send a final texture

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