35.8 x86 startup time


strange problem: 35.8 x86 takes a long time to start. how can I find out what it is?
packs: dx11, opencv and VVVV.audio.


for me, on a rather dated system, this takes <12s to start. what’s your measurement?

note that the first startup (after windows startup) always takes longer than consecutive starts of vvvv. so my measurement is from the 2nd vvvv start after windows started.

also try to remove the packs one by one and see if that makes a difference.

ok, the machine takes about 5 minutes…

are you starting with a patch? or only the exe?

nice, I’ve put all packs out, then one by one back and vvvv started each time in a few seconds. then started with the batch file and the project in the same time. I doubt my perception…

look out for spooky windows defender interaction at a distance, preferably add vvvv folder to exceptions

Is it possible that something got corrupted in %temp%/vvvv and that removing packages would then properly rebuild content so that startup times got back to normal?

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