34.1 alpha check

34.1. looking good here so far.

two things:
the new default texture format for dx11 renderers seems to be R8G8B8A8. This introduced some broken patches assuming an unchanged 32bit default texture format.

the SharedMemory (Raw) Nodes produced Green and Yellow nodes in 33.7 - we’re not using them because of that, only the string versions, but I haven’t found the time making a demo patch iluustrating the problem.

thx guys


hei eno,

can you elaborate on the “default texture format for dx11 renderers”. it would be specifically interesting to understand where you notice the difference. are you sure this is new in a34.1 as compared to b34?

please tell us: with which version of vvvv and dx11-pack did you see a different behaviour than with which other version of vvvv and dx11-pack.

also the dx11-renderer does not have a setting for texture-format, so please clarify what you mean there.

and yes, if you see Reader/Writer (Raw) troubles please report them with a demo-patch in a new thread. i guess you get the same behavior in b34 and before already?!