33.3 Quit/Save behavior inconsistent

I am seeing different save/quit behavior with 33.3, both x86 and x64 on both Win7 and Win8. If a patch has been modified, it will not always prompt me to save if I quit. Also, sometimes even if I have just done a save, it will still ask me to save when I quit.

hm…any way we can see that too?

I faced similar one in 33.1 32bit in win7. with multiple subpatches, when i modified few patches and press ctrl+s, even after pressed Save All dialog appear again.
I cannot upload test patches now.

same bug ?

  • open attached patch
  • middle mouseclick to open menu
  • ooops , patch changed see * next to patch name
  • obviously vvvv will ask to save it on quit although no node moved or changed

test.v4p (1.1 kB)

only happens here if i don’t use mmb but space+rmb though.
and the star pops up as soon as i just click anywhere with rmb

true, i tested this on a macbook with space + rmb

@joreg - of course this is happening with a large patch set, so hard to post. But I just realized it is happening with my boygroup patches (see other post), so it might be related to boygrouping/server mode. I’ll see if I can get a test patch set together for both these problems.

@woie - I get the star in that test patch with any RMB as well, but it does then prompt to save using middle button and quit. Same thing on 33.1, but 32.1 does not get the star with single RMB.

I found out what the problem is with not being prompted to save on a quit in a Boygroup setup. I used the OnQuit -> DoQuit as shown in one of the Boygroup examples, and by default the “Query Save” pin is false, so it just quits when you do Quit via the menu.

I guess the proper way to do this in a boygroup is to use the Boygroup node ID output to set Query Save to true only in the master; that way the clients will just shut down, but the server will prompt for a save:

So that’s resolved, but there still is the issue of a mouse-right-click causing the patch to be marked as changed.

“issue of a mouse-right-click causing the patch to be marked as changed” was introduced since we save the scroll-position of a patch. fixed that to be now only triggered by right-mousemove but not a right-mousedown.