32bit data for Float texture on dynamic plugin

Hey, we have a allocated a float texture inside a dynamic plugin, but we cant fill with 32bit float data. “UInt32Utils” is only for Int, there’s any option for float data ?

these are helper methods to pack bytes into a UInt type. we have not implemented that for floats. you have to code it on your own… but the sources may help you:

also if you google “SlimDX float texture” or so you will find examples…

finally we just output the raw data and read it with dynamicTexture DX11

In DX9 you can only write 8bit textures

there are no helpermethods ready but you can do it yourself easily in dx9:

Texture CreateF32Texture(Device device, int width, int height)
  var pool = Pool.Managed;
  var usage = Usage.None;
  if (device is DeviceEx)
    pool = Pool.Default;
    usage = Usage.Dynamic;
  return new Texture(device, width, height, 1, usage, Format.A32B32G32R32F, pool);