32 / 64

Hello guys,

I’m pretty new to VVVV and I spend the last hours wondering why I could access only a part of the nodes from the addonpack.
I’m using a 64bit computer, a 64bit version of VVVV so I basically though the 64bit version of the addonpack would be the best to use.
And I could only access a few nodes, but seems totally random as the nodes I could display comes from every folder of the pack.
And now it’s working with the 32bit version.

So now I am wondering if there won’t be any bad effect in the future. Is that normal ?

hei carre, please check missing in 64bit builds for a list of nodes not working with x64.

Oh didn’t notice that thanks ! Unfortunately I need the box2d nodes. Should I use a 32bit version of VVVV ?

Ok so actually it doesn’t work in the 64bit version with the 32bit addon anyway.
Thank you for your help !

of course not.

so yes, if you need box2d you need the 32bit version.