3 camera setup in 270 degrees installation

Hi people! I need some help with wrapping my head around perspectives with multiple cameras in installation.

The final setup on spot will look like this:

If i will make 3 cameras setup, that have .25 yaws and no pitch, the thing works:

However person viewing it from the ground will experience a distortion of image:

because the cameras in virtual space are essentialy floating above the head of a person looking straight forward, so i need to lover the Y pos of cameras and pitch them slightly up so the perspective works, but then perspectives does not fit into each other:

So, my question is, if I am trying to do something that is just not possible because of geometry, or do i need to somehow skew the side cameras to correct the distortion

easiest way to fix this I found is to translate the projection to match the horizon of people with projection, like this:

then even pitching could be done, i can post whole transformation chain for this if someone would need to do similar setup, just let me know, I will summarize the whole setup when i will do the exhibition, with sound and everything …

it has really nice POV for people looking at installation

also have a look at PerspectiveLookAtRect (Transform ViewProjection) might help you here…