2x1920*1080, graphics cards, kinects, networks

hi guys, I want to have installation with one kinect and two big screens, if i am right i need to render multiviewport with 2x1920*1080 and then make 2 renderers with that texture for 2 monitors
this is the right approach right?

i tried it with gforce 700 series and framerate sucked, i am using 2 glows texture fx on the whole thing, with full resolution it was around 1-5 fps, i could use a little bit lower resolution in the final product i think

will be geforce titan enough for this? this is not job for quadro right?
there is
GIGABYTE GeForce GTX TITAN Black GHZ Edition for 977€
GIGABYTE GeForce GTX TITAN Z for 2 665,62€

could the cheaper one be enough or do i have to go for the costier option?
or do i have to use 2 pcs? (in that case is there any way to share kinect depth texture through network?)

Hey you have to be more specific what you are trying to render.

Ive used a Geforce770 and succesfully rendered 6 Fullscreen 12801024 ( 76806144 ) ( panorama with a descent framerate. Ive used several heavy Texture FX in the project.

My first idea would be to try to reduce the resolutions for the Glow FX and maybe blend it with the raw texture to maintain the details. You should try to apply the texture effects as last part of the rendering pipeline, so you only need to apply the glow once for both renderes in one texture maybe.

In general you shouldnt need an overkill setup for this, depending on your patch of course. So a screenshot or patch would help.

(also interested in the best possibility to share textures via network.)

heh i just realized ive been working with geforce 550ti, which is not so good lol

i have managed to squeeze 20 fps out of it, with no AA and one of the glows running half resolution

so 700 series should manage it with no problems i presume, and that cheaper titan should be totally allright

another question, any ideas how to stop “bleeding” of glow effect to another screen?

right now i am using transform texture and then using glow on them separately

and another thing, why FXAA DX9 effect does nothing for me?

I think a geforce 770 or Amd Card between 250 - 400€ could be able to do it. No sure and you should test this first before buying. Ofcourse if money is not an issue ;>

The bleeding issue can be solved if you use the glow effect after merging the seperate textures. But in this case you wont be able to control the glow for each seperatly.

i actually had to separate them and use glow on them separately, screens are installed back to back so i dont want to see glow from another screen

Sounds like a fillrate issue, you actually render at least 4xFullHD - double fullHD as a source texture and then two times FullHD on the output. Plus post effects (Glow is heavy, as it samples multiple times per pixel). This means the graphic card had to execute the pixel shader code (4+2)19201080 times per frame.

Try to use viewport transformation to reduce the fillrate. DX11 will allow you to make even further optimizations.

GIGABYTE GeForce GTX TITAN Z is a waste of money in your case imo. You can optimize and buy much cheaper card for the task - and get yourself paid.

Personally I have good experiences with AMD’s Eyefinity feature for things like this. It Allows you to combine multiple displays as one display. That way windows sees for instance a display of 5780*1080 (Triple HD), Meaning that a fullscreen renderer would take that size. I even use this trick when working with multiple projectors, where I place s quad in each projectors respective area. There is also a program called SoftTH that lets render dx9 content in a similar way, over multiple screens. It doesn’t go further that dx9 tho. SoftTH does over the possibility to do it with different graphics card, meaning you can use an old PCI(not x) Graphics card to add a the extra output connectors (Rendering happens on main graphics card, and gets send though the second one). These solutions leave your system with only one output, and thus less fuss for windows/dx.

The result could be somewhat similar to what I have drawn below.

Actual Displays/Projectors:
|          |          |          |
|          |          |          |
|          |          |          |

What Windows sees:
|                                |
|                                |
|                                |

Sprite Config:
|                     |          |
|       Sprite 1      | Sprite 2 |
|                     |          |

Sprite 1: Your main result over 2 outputs
Sprite 2: Secondary result over output 3

my payment is separated from the tech fortunately
i am going for GTX TITAN Black GHZ
i have around 15 fps on geforce 550ti so it will be enough
and client is still blabering about what he likes so in the end i will be probably using 2 different scenes