2x simultaneous PAL 25 fps > VVVV Composite or Firewire


I’m going to do a project this summer, where I have to live mix and adjust two cameras on stage with preproduced footage. I need 2 non buggy PAL 25fps video inputs.

  • Composite
    First I wanted to go with a videograbber like OSPREY 100, but then i found THIS https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/709 site, which says it can’t provide two simultanous live streams. So do I have to buy two of them or is there a cheaper solution?

  • Firewire 400
    For 400mbit I need a repeater every 4,5m. 2 DV Cams use ~50mbit. I don’t know how much the speed if effected by lenght. I could go for something like PC -> 10m -> Repeater -> 4,5m Repeatorhub -> 2x 4,5m -> 2x Cameras. Or maybe i could use even longer cables?

Any thoughts and tipps are appreciated
the schlonz

this card can do 4 channels, is cheap, you only need to deinterlace the signals