2X HD Video


is it possible to play 2 HD videos out of one PC? any experiences or suggestions… which codec, graphic card…




My best result was using an nvidia card, the elecard demux (moonlight demux) and the purevideo decoder (nvidia).
Do a 50p or 60p as possible according to your screen refresh rate.


Hi thiv,

I’m trying to do something very similar: a fade between 2 high resolution videos (2100x1050pixels). Can you please give me some more info about the hardware configuration you told about?



Hi ap,

First, why do you need 2100 horizontal pixels? Common display and projector are almost limited to 2048. I think mpeg2 video is limited to 1920. Maybe you project to use multiple output graphic card. I didn’t realy made full test with 2 mpeg2 playing simultaneous but if you want to make a full 2100x1050 using 2 splitted video file I’m not sure that you will have good synchronisation between the two streams.

MPG2 for me is the lighter codec. I think that if you use the less cpu load codec you will have more change to have 2 streams synchronized. I usualy used a Dual core processor and an Nvidia card. Try multiple encoding settings.

In the future I will try to use TimelinerSA to do a kind of time locking?

Don’t forget to report your experience…