2D Square patterns Fractal

Hello people,

i´m involved in a live visuals project based on square mosaic decomposition of several pictures, and i´m trying to create some dynamic 2D B/W textures for manipulate this pictures using some displacement shaders.
After 2 days of researching i´ve found this article, and i think it would be great to use this kind of 2D fractal stuff as a gray scale patterns.
http://homeweb4.unifr.ch/thaelec/pub/fMos.pdf (PG 2,3)

the question is:
is it posible to implement some fractal shader/plugin, based on non linear square recursion? like sierpinski carpet but non regular.

i was trying other approaches using regular 2D square structures or Lindenmayer, but i think this one would be more interesting.

Any help would be great.
Thanks a lot in advance.


I think it is possible.

Classic fractals formulas can be generalized and randomized.

Do you need to put photos in the generalized Sierpinsky Carpet? Can you tell me which inputs/outputs should have the plugin, and/or upload an example patch with your first results?

Hello Fibo,
thanks for the answer,

my patch is very simple, i´ve attached a picture to clear the idea,
i´m using a mosaic gray scale to transform the pictures with a displacement/scale shader, but maybe it could be better to use a sort of swap pixels shader to make other configuration in the picture using this mosaic grid, anyway…

the grey scale texture has a regular distribution and it wolud be better to make it fractal and not linear or regular.

i have no idea how to make it posible with a plugin or shader but i was trying to make something like the sierpinski carpet with the “treeback” patch that i´ve found in the girlpower folder.

maybe you have a better approach about it…



instead of inputing a mere grayscale pattern use cells with rgb values from 0-1 and use this (dynamic)texture as texturecoordinates for the image. this way, you can have the selfrepeating image done in the pixelshader.
all you need is ‘just’ a fractal pattern, which creates these values

good idea woei, i´ll try it.

the triky thing is to make this fractal pattern ;)


Quadtree (2d) by vux, makes that i´m looking for.


I added a Mosaic2d node to ChaosToys contribution, implementing the fractal mosaic in the http://homeweb4.unifr.ch/thaelec/pub/fMos.pdf paper

Here the fibo´s plugins.