2D mapping

I there
I ve spent afew night over vvvv and it s time to ask some questions:
I am going to try some 2D mapping, let say projecting on top of existing shapes in the real world applying textures and effects.
As a starting point: creating a vectorial shape being able to give it a certain color.
Funny enough I was able to create some 3D shapes and even import .x files from blender but I can seem to find out how to deal with 3D forms, maybe just using the surface of a 3D shape and not using the perspectiv/camera?

using the surface of a 3D shape and not using the perspectiv/camera?

that’s probably the easiest way to go! you could use the Ortho (Transform Perspective) to make a 2d/flat camera, import 3d-models from blender or make some dynamic ones using Mesh (EX9.Geometry Join) . to make the models a single color, you can use the ‘Constant’-effect. to map a texture/image, you can play with the texture coordinates of the mesh.

Joy and happiness, I can create a mesh in Blender and import it in vvvv. I am using a modified MeshEditor Sample patch cause I don t fully understand the different mesh nodes and how to connect them with the xfile and renderer nodes.
Anyway, I have a nice bunch of dots standing there and doing nothing, how can I give them some life ?
How to apply textures, colors, etc.
Digging it!

ok got it!
xfile --> constant renderer

Then following comes: how can I deal only with the contour of the mesh ? Let s say I want a point of light to go round the edges of the shape…


hi io , once you have the xyz of the mesh you can apply that to the light position , have a look at example

Follow the contour Light.v4p (24.6 kB)

you can render the mesh into a video with AsVideo (EX9.Texture) and use the Contour (FreeFrame DShow9) to get it’s contours rather precisely. there’s another way (which doesn’t work as well, but uses less resources) using ApplyTransform (Transform) and ConvexHull (2d) ; see the attached patch.

edit: colorsound was faster :P

hulltrick.v4p (13.3 kB)

it seems like I can easily load a 3D object or a grid mesh from Blender but somehow vvvv refuses to read a mesh which is only a contour, like a cirle or a polygon.

How could I achieve getting the dot moving from one vertex to the other smoothly?

And finally, is it possible to use bezier curves instead of rigid vertex-vertex line?


maybe there is a bit of confusion concerning the word mesh. pure contours / curves / nurbs are not meshes; unless you convert them into polygons first, vvvv won’t be able to display them. there are a set of nodes regarding bezier curves, i.e. BezierSpread (Spreads) , so you could patch your own tools to use curves in vvvv. it’s also possible to patch an svg importer, since that’s an open format that also uses bézier curves; that way you could use an existing editor like inkscape to draw your curves.

No, no confusion at all, or at least I think so…
Just erasing the “inner” vertices of a grid mesh won t let xfile load the mesh.

erasing the ‘inner’ vertices of a grid mesh without reindexing the mesh afterwards would remove all valid triangles in the mesh. can you post some pictures, patches & xfiles to clarify what you are doing & what you are trying to achieve?

ok i get it, basically I am trying to learn vvvv and general 3D basics…
specifically I like the idea of mapping, the idea is trying to map 2D objects as a start so I am evaluating different way to achieve it.
I d like to be able to apply a basic white light to the objects, that easy, then working with the contours, I was really impressed by the AntiVj s light sculpture

something similar would be nice.

As an alternative way of lighting up 2D objects the short way, would be to take a picture, re-projecting the picture over them and using dynamic effects.
For example let s say I have some red and some black objects over a white background, I only need an effect that will take all black pixels and make them white, all the rest of them black, to get the black objects highlighted. Another effect to make all red pixels white and the other ones black to highlight the red objects.

Thanks for the replies, I am daily doing tutorials and looking through the patches but I still find it a bit hard to get to do what I want…